Briefing Paper: Promoting Active Environments – What Works Well?

by Beth Bradshaw | 24 May, 2024 9:00 am

To mark Walk to School Week 2024, Food Active have launched the latest ‘What Works Well?’ briefing paper, this time exploring how schools, workplaces and transport networks can provide more opportunities for activity and movement.

This latest briefing paper forms part of a new ‘What Works Well?’ series, with the first published last month to explore increasing access to healthier food.[1]

The paper aims to summarise the key evidence available for a range of different schemes, initiatives and policies that are currently in place across the UK to promote activity in schools, workplaces and transport networks – including walk to school programmes, school streets, walking meetings, Improvements to workplace facilities, including cycle parking, access to showers and changing facilities and ending pavement parking.

To conclude, a number of recommendations are made for national government, local authorities and research to help promote active environments across the system.

You can view and download a copy of the briefing paper below.

To mark the launch of the briefing paper, we interviewed Sustran’s Head of Partnerships, Nick Brelsford, on the Food Active poscast to find out more about Sustran’s School Streets programme, which promotes active modes of travel to school whilst tackling the congestion, poor air quality and road safety concerns many schools experience. Make sure you take a listen and subscribe below!


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