Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance Strategic Obesity Project: Year 1 Findings and Next Steps

by Beth Bradshaw | 18 May, 2023 9:00 am

Health Equalities Group is currently delivering a long-term project for the Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance (CMCA) to develop a ‘hub’ of connectivity, bringing together system leaders and stakeholders, including non-health stakeholders such as housing, transport, employers and VCFSE organisations, to increase the overall volume and reach of initiatives designed to improve rates of overweight and obesity within the sub-region.

As a sub-region Cheshire and Merseyside has above average rates of overweight and obesity in child and adult populations, whilst we also have higher than average rates of cancer prevalence. As such, this project is stimulating connectivity across the system amongst traditional health and non-health stakeholders, whilst this emerging area of preventative work is also linking with existing screening services and CMCA projects around early diagnosis.

Scoping and Insight work

Year 1 of the programme had a strong focus on scoping and insight from across the sub-region. This has included: two sets of stakeholder interviews from 27 leaders across the health and non-health sectors; insight from 6 focus groups including people with protected characteristics; responses from 327 people to a public facing insight survey; and, a new set of geo-demographic data correlating obesity, cancer prevalence and deprivation. In addition, a workplace weight-loss programme with a large call centre based in Cheshire has also been piloted as part of Year 1 activity. Please see reports on the scoping and insight phase of the project to download below.






Key findings and recommendations from this phase have included the following:


Key activity for 2023-24

In response to the findings from Year 1 scoping and insight, the project will focus on specific sectors and key themes across 2023-24, some of which will stretch into 2024-25 as specific work packages. This will include work packages on:


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