West Cheshire prepares to #GiveUpLovingPop this January

by Beth Bradshaw | 30 January, 2019 10:23 am

#GiveUpLovingPop arrives in Cheshire West and Chester this January, with pupils and staff across the borough encouraged to switch sugary drinks for water and milk.

Children and young people are consuming more than three times as much sugar as the maximum recommended daily intake, most of which comes from sugary drinks. A recent study by the World Cancer Research Fund found that young people are drinking on average three bath tubs of sugary drinks per year.

An easy way to reduce sugar intake is to cut out or reduce sugary drinks. Cheshire West and Chester Council along with Food Active are running a borough-wide campaign to encourage residents to Give Up Loving Pop (GULP).

The GULP campaign is aimed at young people and families to encourage them to switch from sugary drinks to water or milk. The campaign involves working with schools and their pupils to encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Nominated pupils and staff from schools across the borough have received GULP training as part of their Change4Life Champions training. The training was delivered by the School Sports Partnership groups who cover the Chester, Ellesmere Port and Vale Royal areas. Change4Life Champions from each of the schools received advice and information on sugary drinks and healthier alternatives and will share what they’ve learnt with their classmates.

The recommended daily maximum of sugar in a person’s diet is no more than five cubes of sugar for four to six year olds, no more than six cubes for seven to ten year olds and no more than seven cubes for 11 years and older, including adults. One can of Cola can contain nine cubes alone, pushing a person over their recommended daily allowance before you even consider any added sugar contained within food and other drinks.

Sugar is not necessary in the diet and especially when consumed in the form of sugary drinks can cause a whole host of health issues, from tooth decay, to obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Excess sugar intake has also been linked to certain cancers.

Councillor Louise Gittins, Cabinet Member for Communities and Wellbeing said: “Many children have too much sugar in their diet, and much of this comes in the form of sugary drinks. Not only is this causing problems for children and young people now in terms of tooth decay and weight gain, but continued over-consumption of sugar can lead to problems in later life.

“Sugary drinks can affect behaviour and academic performance. The GULP campaign will educate local young people about the benefits of switching to water or milk and we hope that the messages will be taken home, to share with family and friends.”

Martin Jones from Huntington Primary School, who attended the course, said: “The training course delivered to both teachers and children was excellent. With practical ideas and theory work we created an action plan with the children to take back to their school, incorporating the Change4Life and GULP Campaign messages in a fun and realistic environment.”

Families can find out more about the GULP campaign online: www.giveuplovingpop.org.uk[2]

See the Council’s press release here: https://www.yourwestcheshire.co.uk/NewsArticle/%7BB2FBCCB2-3EEB-4F5F-A2F6-9995BABFD6B3%7D?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn[3]

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