Children’s daily sugar consumption halved just a year after sugar tax: Food Active response

by Beth Bradshaw | 10 July, 2024 10:00 am

New research published today in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health shows that the daily sugar intake for children fell by about 4.8g, and for adults 10.9g, in the year after the introdcution of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (more commonly known as the ‘sugar tax’), prompting calls from the studies’ authors to extend the tax to other types of food and drink. 

Food Active’s Policy and Advocacy Manager Beth Bradshaw responds:

“Timely new evidence published today suggests the amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy being introduced, producing yet more evidence that the levy is an effective population-level intervention to reduce the nation’s sugar intake.

Extending the levy presents an opportunity for the newly formed government to build on the success of the levy to bring further improvements to the nation’s diet, and to start addressing the rising tide of diet-related illness across the country.”


The full paper can be accessed here[1].

To find out more about Food Active’s policy calls, click here.[2]


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