Doubts cast over multi-buy promotions legislation: Food Active response

by Beth Bradshaw | 11 May, 2022 3:57 pm

Over the last 24 hours, rumours have been building that the Government might delay, or even drop, the new law to restrict multi-buy promotions on unhealthy food and drinks. This is supposedly in response to the rising concerns arounf the cost of living crisis, and the need to not place additional financial burden on households. 

Nicola Calder, Food Active Programme Lead said:

“It is disheartening to hear in certain of today’s media outlets that the Government is planning to delay legislation to restrict multibuy promotions of less healthy food and drink.

The Government’s own Impact Assessment shows volume-based price promotions (i.e. BOGOFs) increase the amount people spend by 20%, this is due to the fact consumers spend more than they intended to and cause impulse buying of unhealthy foods.

Scrapping this legislation in the name of saving families money is therefore unfounded. These deals are simply bad for our health and pockets.

We very much hope these are simply false rumours that are being fuelled by lobbying pressure from the food industry, and the Government is able to implement all elements of the Health and Care Bill covering the sale and marketing of HFSS products.” 

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