Food Active backs efforts to reduce sugar consumption in Liverpool

by Alex Holt | 26 January, 2015 4:32 pm

Food Active is pleased to announce its support for Cllr Tim Beaumont’s proposals to Liverpool City Council[1] to reduce sugar consumption across Liverpool.

Cllr Beaumont’s proposals include several measures that are in-line with Food Active’s campaigning priorities concerning sugar and restrictions on junk food marketing. The full list of proposals are listed below:

Robin Ireland, Director of Food Active, commented on the propsals:

“Tackling obesity is a complex problem that requires many interventions and alterations to the food environment.”

“I am pleased to say that Food Active backs Cllr Beaumont’s proposals which- if fully acted upon- will go some way to improve the diets and health of Liverpool’s population.”

Robin was interviewed about Cllr Beaumont’s proposals on the North West edition 0f BBC’s Sunday Politics programme which can be viewed on this page.

  1. Cllr Tim Beaumont’s proposals to Liverpool City Council:

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