Food Active Covid-19 resources to support healthy eating in vulnerable households during lockdown

by Beth Bradshaw | 30 April, 2020 6:00 am

Nutritionists at Food Active have developed a range of resources to support healthy eating during physical distancing, in particular high risk and vulnerable groups in society which are now available to download.

After a number of weeks of development and in consultation with public health officers at a number of local authorities, we are pleased to share a range of new resources to support healthy eating in vulnerable groups during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Many household’s access to healthy food will be compromised during the lockdown, as a result of poor access to supermarkets, avoiding public transport, are currently shielding so cannot leave the house, or are experiencing financial hardship resulting in them needing food aid.

Currently the Department of Health and Social Care are providing food parcels for ‘shielded individuals’ – those who are classed as extremely vulnerable for Covid-19, defined as those with organ transplants, those undergoing treatment for specific cancers, severe respiratory diseases and more. In addition, the Food Bank network across the UK are experiencing a huge rise in demand for emergency food aid, signalling families are struggling to put food on the table. Storage, access and transport issues can often mean that the food supplied in these parcels can be processed, with little in the way of fresh fruit and vegetables and other healthy options.

There are also concerns around those who are shielding and have no outdoor space (garden or balcony), and how this will impact on their Vitamin D intake.

In response to these concerns that have been raised by members of our local authority network, we have produced a range of resources to help provide guidance for procurement on food parcels/food banks, as well as public-facing handouts that provide some inspiration and meal ideas using the ingredients found in these parcels. We have also produced a short briefing on Vitamin D and outlining who should consider supplementation during this period.

The resources have been developed by a team of Registered Associate Nutritionists, with input from local authority public health officers.

Resources include:

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