Food Active evidence submission to the Health and Social Care Select Committee Follow Up Inquiry on Childhood Obesity

by Beth Bradshaw | 25 October, 2019 10:46 am

Food Active’s evidence to the Health and Social Care Committee Childhood Obesity Inquiry has been published.

Earlier this month, The Health and Social Care Committee followed up on its inquiry (Childhood obesity: Time for action[1]), and its predecessor’s work (Childhood obesity: brave and bold action[2] and Childhood obesity: follow-up[3]) by holding an evidence session on childhood obesity. The inquiry called for written evidence from stakeholders to review the following:

Take a look at our response below. You can view all the responses here[4].

  1. Childhood obesity: Time for action:
  2. Childhood obesity: brave and bold action:
  3. Childhood obesity: follow-up:
  4. here:

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