Food Active Resource: Key Stage 3 Vitamin D Lesson Plan

Food Active Resource: Key Stage 3 Vitamin D Lesson Plan

We are delighted to be sharing our latest school-based resource, ‘Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin’. The resource is aimed at Key Stage 3 aged pupils to help raise awareness of the importance of Vitamin D to children and young people’s health. 

The resource has been developed as part of our North West Annual Work Programme, in response to the recent discussions around the role of Vitamin D, immunity and Covid-19. The core learning objectives of the resource are:

1) Understand what vitamin D is and why our bodies need it

2) Understand the importance of vitamin D and immunity

3) Understand vitamin D deficiency and who is at risk

The resource is composed on a PowerPoint Presentation and supporting Delivery Notes. This is ideal for use in Key Stage 3 classes, and could fit in well with PSHE, Biology or Biochemisty lessons.

To download the resources, please click the button below.



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