Food in Care on tour this September in Blackburn and Bracknell

Food in Care on tour this September in Blackburn and Bracknell

This month, Food Active has been on the road delivering our unique two-day Food in Care training course in Blackburn with Darwen, and for the first time outside the North West, in Bracknell.

16 attendees in total took part in the training across the two courses, who had roles ranging from foster carers, therapists, support workers to health and wellbeing trainers. The training in Blackburn was a train-the-trainer style delivery, which provides participants with the knowledge and ability to cascade training to colleague. We also offer a direct training, aimed at carers including foster carers, connected carers, adopters, residential staff and other professionals. Direct training to foster carers was delivered in partnership with our colleagues at Power of Parenting in Bracknell, Berkshire. We have also recently launched an online training course in partnership with AC Education. Click here to find out more about the online training package.

The Food in Care training attempts to provide foster carers, residential staff and those working with Children in Care the tools they need to manage food behaviour issues often encountered in care settings. It is common for children in care to experience issues around food, this can include poor diet, hoarding and using food as a control mechanism, among others. Food however also has massive potential for creating an environment where children can begin to feel part of the family unit, and a powerful way to communicate feelings and emotions.

This is why training and support to be able to deal with complex food behaviours so prevalent among children and young people in care is so crucial, which is emphasised in the feedback from previous training sessions [insert link here]. Upskilling carers and support staff with these resources will positively impact relationships within the care setting and promote placement stability.

If you would like to find out more about the training packages and dates we are currently offering, please visit the following link:

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