#FoodActive2019 welcomes 100 delegates and speakers to ‘Healthy Weight in all Policies: Two Years On’

by Beth Bradshaw | 12 November, 2019 6:30 am

Food Active are welcoming 100 delegates and speakers to Central Manchester today for our annual conference, to discuss how healthy weight can be considered across all organisations and departments

The conference, titled ‘Healthy Weight in all Policies: Two Years On’, will be held at the Manchester Conference Centre today from 10am until 4pm. In 2017 we held out first ‘Healthy Weight in all Policies’ conference, and this year we are reflecting back on the progress made on the obesity agenda and plans for the future, finally considering how healthy weight can be considered across all organisations and departments.

The sold-out conference will bring together 100 speakers and delegates from local authorities, public health progressionals, academics, the third sector, NHS, Government departments and more. We will also be hosting a poster competition on sharing good practice on local action to tackle obesity, with eight fantastic entries and delegates having the opportunities to vote for their favourite poster. The winner of the competition will recieve a Give Up Loving Pop starter pack – including GULP water bottles, leaflets, pop up banner, educational resources and much more.

We are also delighted to launch our Healthy Weight Declaration ‘Impact and Influence’ Case Study Report today, with experiences from eight different local authorities discussing how and what impact the Declaration has had since signing. The new report can be found by scrolling down the following page: https://foodactive.org.uk/projects/local-authority-declaration/[1]

We have a fantastic line up of speakers and experts in the field, including:

Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy, President of the Association of Directors of Public Health and Director of Public Health, Tameside Borough Council will be chairing the event.

We will be tweeting about the conference throughout the course of the day, using the hashtag #FoodActive2019 and presentations, summaries and an event report will be published on the Food Active website in due course.

You can take a look at the finalised conference programme below.

  1. https://foodactive.org.uk/projects/local-authority-declaration/: https://foodactive.org.uk/projects/local-authority-declaration/

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