Get ready for Salt Awareness Week 2016

by Alex Holt | 14 December, 2015 2:59 pm

Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) will be holding their 17th National Salt Awareness Week from 29th February – 6th March 2016, when they will be celebrating 20 years since the they first set out to reduce salt in the UK diet and improve public health.

Many people know that eating too much salt is bad for their health and are actively looking to cut down. Thanks to the efforts made by the food industry, government and health organisations like CASH, salt intakes have reduced significantly over the last 10 years and salt reduction is well and truly on the health agenda worldwide.

We are however still well away from the UK maximum daily salt limit of 6g per day, with the latest figures suggesting we are eating on average 8.1g per day. This highlights a need for more action across industry and during this year’s Salt Awareness Week CASH will be asking all companies to think with their hearts and add less salt!

Events held at a local community level, play a huge part in helping CASH to spread the message to consumers about the importance of cutting down on salt intake and the health implications of eating too much salt. Last year CASH supported over 400 local events.

CASH would like to encourage canteens, libraries, GP surgeries, hospitals, schools and work places around the country to put on a display or event during the week using resources provided by CASH to raise awareness of the week and encourage people to think twice about buying their usual products without regard for the salt content.

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