Government pulls £100m funding for local weight management services: Food Active repsonse

Government pulls £100m funding for local weight management services: Food Active repsonse

In March 2021 the Government announced £100 million of new funding to help support people in achieving a healthier weight. This move was in response to the high prevalence of excess weight in England and the challenges faced by  individuals, families, social care and the NHS.

Fast forward just over 12 months and the Government have now announced the funding will be now be scrapped.


Our Programme Lead Nicola Calder responds…

“If the Government is serious about reducing levels of obesity in the UK, investment is required to support a range of approaches including target interventions.. Scrapping funding for weight management support at a time where two thirds of adults  of adults are living with excess weight is very concerning.   

Local authorities’ part of our North West network and across the country have invested significant amounts of time into planning and delivery and in some cases, setting up Tier 2 services from scratch. For the government to now remove  this additional resource  is frustrating and incredibly short sighted.

There are still lots of unanswered questions in terms of the rationale and extent of the cuts and we encourage the DHSC to respond swiftly.”


You can read more on this exclusive published by the Local Government Chronicle here.

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