Healthy Families: The Present and Future Role of the Supermarket

Healthy Families: The Present and Future Role of the Supermarket

Food Active are delighted to have been able to contribute towards the new The All-Party Parliamentary Group on A Fit and Healthy Childhood report ‘Healthy Families: The Present and Future Role of the Supermarket’

Our Food and Nutrition Lead, Alex Holt and Project Officer, Beth Bradshaw were contributing authors to chapters 4 and 5, which specifically look at matters of access, ethnic/cultural diversity and disability affecting supermarket shopping, as well as food poverty and alongside others, make a series of recommendations for the supermarket to uphold their responsibility in the fight to tackle obesity.

Key recommendations of the APPG’s Report include:

  • Supermarkets to re-balance promotions away from products that are high in fat, sugar and/or salt (HFSS) to healthier foods so that families experiencing food poverty may enjoy greater access to them
  • Price discounts and promotions to be offered on healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables while promotions on HFSS food should be restricted
  • Use of supermarket logos/leaflets to promote healthy eating
  • Supermarkets to control the criteria for child eye-level in the placing of products
  • Offer promotions on healthier, culturally-appropriate products to engage people from ethnic minority groups
  • Healthy, affordable snacks that appeal to low income consumers should be represented either by stocking ‘own brand’ products or offering support to smaller businesses who already provide healthier snacks and are looking to break into this market.

Chair of the The All-Party Parliamentary Group on A Fit and Healthy Childhood, Steve McCabe said:

The report has been picked up by Politics Home and The Mail Online.

You can access the report by following the link below.


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