Kellogg’s plans to sue the Government amid plans to reduce unhealthy place-based promotions

by Beth Bradshaw | 27 April, 2022 11:41 am

Kellogg’s, the owner of brands from Coco Pops to Special K, has today launched a legal action against the UK government over new junk food rules that will ban some cereals from being prominently displayed on supermarket shelves. Our Programme Lead responds…

Nicola Calder, Food Active Programme Lead said:

“Kellogg’s plans to sue the Government amid the place promotions legislation is simply a classic tactic from the food industry to deny, divert and delay policies that threaten their profits.

Kellogg’s ranges of cereals include some products containing staggering amounts of sugar, up to almost 40% in some cases, but by reformulating their products they could still be placed in prominent areas of the store.  Rather than support national efforts to reduce obesity they are choosing to go against the Government in taking legal action.  

We support the DHSC’s response, to fight the Kellogg’s action and stop a precedent being set that could allow other brands to follow suit.”


You can find out more about the case here[1].

You can read our consultation response from 2018 and blog ‘5 reasons why we need promotions legislation’ here.[2]

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