Knowsley school launches the region’s first ‘Healthy and Active Future’ pledge

Knowsley school launches the region’s first ‘Healthy and Active Future’ pledge

Blacklow Brow Primary School in Huyton is the first school in the North West to launch the Food Active Pledge for a Healthy and Active Future.

In fact, other than those involved in the pilot scheme, Blacklow Brow is the first school in the country to make the pledge!

Signing the pledge ‘for a Healthy and Active Future’ demonstrates the school’s commitment to make it easier for pupils, teachers and members of the wider school community to eat well and be physically active – and it supports the actions Knowsley Council has set out in its Declaration on Healthy Weight.

To celebrate the school held a special event for pupils, staff and parents and carers. The Healthy Knowsley Service and school nurses from Knowsley’s 0-25 services had stalls to promote healthy lifestyles and staff from Activate who work with the school on physical activity attended.

The launch was an opportunity for the school to showcase and share the work it has already started to support healthy eating and physical activity for all members of the school and wider school community.

It’s made a great start by making changes to the school dinner menu, in consultation with pupils on the School Council, moving towards milk or water only within school and it’s increased the amount of Physical Education time within the school timetable.

Pupils are being encouraged to walk or wheel to school and it’s implementing the Daily Mile with more activities planned to follow throughout the school year.

The school’s also secured funding to open in the evenings for community activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and these sessions will be led by Activate.


Mr Dunford, Assistant Headteacher at Blacklow Brow, said:

“We’re delighted to sign the pledge and help champion a healthy lifestyle. We take the health and wellbeing of everyone connected with Blacklow Brow School very seriously and there is plenty of support available for all our staff, pupils and parents.

“As part of our pledge, we’ll promote healthy weight, eating well and being more active within the school whenever we can.”


Cllr Christine Bannon, Knowsley Cabinet Member for Health, commented:

“I’m delighted Blacklow Brow is the first school in the country to sign up to the Pledge for a Healthy and Active Future.

“The health and wellbeing of Knowsley residents is something the council cares greatly about, so it’s brilliant to see Blacklow Brow making changes within their own school to support their pupils’ and the wider school community’s health and wellbeing.

“I’m sure the school’s actions will inspire more schools in Knowsley to get involved and  make the pledge to support their pupils and families to eat well and be physically active.”  

Nicola Calder, Programme Lead at Food Active, added:

“Congratulations to Blacklow Brow for taking this stand. We all know how difficult it is to make the right choices when we are surrounded by unhealthy food, the wrong advertising messages and when sugary drinks are cheaper than water. I am delighted that Blacklow Brow School is doing everything it can to help its staff, pupils and parents choose healthier options.”


What is the Pledge for a Healthy and Active Future?

The Pledge for a Healthy and Active Future, co-developed with Healthy Schools Leeds, expands on the Healthy Weight Declaration work by helping to engage with schools to support a whole systems approach to promoting healthy weight.

The Healthy Weight Declaration, developed by Food Active, which is part of the Health Equalities Group, has been adopted by tens of councils across the North West, Yorkshire and Humber, North East and South West England.

Knowsley Council signed the Healthy Weight Declaration in December 2016, adopting a set of commitments to support and enable a system-wide approach to healthy weight across Council departments and partner organisations.

To find out more about the Pledge, follow this link:



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