Look Who’s Cooking Recipe Book launched to support healthy meals at home

by Beth Bradshaw | 17 December, 2021 10:06 am

We are delighted to be launching our online recipe book from our Look Who’s Cooking project, a project designed to support male carers to learn new skills in the kitchen and increase access to healthy food and drink during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

In December 2020, Food Active and Local Solutions launched ‘Look Who’s Cooking’, a six-week virtual cooking course for male carers in Liverpool. The course was developed in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. which meant many carers were shielding for several reasons, including the health condition of the person they cared for. This resulted in a number of barriers for carers accessing healthy and nutritious food. Fast forward 12 months, we are seeing similar challenges arising again for carers due variants in circulation.

‘Look Who’s Cooking’ aims to support carers to increase their confidence in the kitchen in preparing nutritious, low-cost meals at home. Key ingredients and basic cooking equipment were provided, followed by a weekly live cook-a-long session. Each week focused on a different cuisine, with flavours from Greece to India to Mexico explored. Carers also learnt essential cooking and food skills, such as food safety, how to make the most of leftovers, what to look out for when reading food labels and tips for shopping healthy.

We are delighted to be publishing a recipe book containing the recipes and food skills touched on in the course, for you to enjoy at home or to disseminate to your own networks.

In the recipe book, you will find step by step recipes for the following tasty dishes:

These recipes are designed to be low cost, simple to make, nutritious and most importantly – taste delicious. Please do share this recipe book with your networks far and wide, and host on your own websites if useful.

Download the Look Who’s Cooking Recipe Book here![1]

What’s next?

We are excited to announce a 3rd Look Who’s Cooking Course will be delivered in 2022 with exciting new recipes, with thanks to LCVS funding. With another Winter Covid emergency looming, carers may be shielding once again, and the need to support vulnerable groups to improve their health remains a priority.

Thank you to LCR Cares for providing the funding to make this project possible. Click here[2] to find out more about Look Who’s Cooking or email beth.bradshaw@foodactive.co.uk[3].

  1. Download the Look Who’s Cooking Recipe Book here!: https://foodactive.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Recipe_Booklet_LWC_FINAL.pdf
  2. Click here: https://foodactive.org.uk/new-look-whos-cooking-virtual-cooking-course-launched-for-male-carers-in-liverpool/
  3. beth.bradshaw@foodactive.co.uk: mailto:beth.bradshaw@foodactive.co.uk

Source URL: https://foodactive.org.uk/look-whos-cooking-recipe-book-launched-to-support-healthy-meals-at-home/