New Bite Back 2030 campaign launches

New Bite Back 2030 campaign launches

Bite Back 2030, an exciting new campaign launched today, is helping bring about a social movement of young people who want to redesign the food system.

Across all platforms, from TV, to social media to bus stops, children and young people are surrounded by cues to consume unhealthy food and research from Bite Back 2030 found 70% of children are significantly influenced by marketing and advertising to buy new products. This research is strengthened by a large body of evidence that suggests that exposure to advertising of less healthy food and drink can negatively influence children and young people’s food preferences, dietary patterns and weight status. Something that Food Active has long raised concerns about and have supported calls to introduce a 9pm watershed on broadcast media, similar restrictions online and further restrictions on other areas of marketing (i.e. outdoor, sponsorship, food packaging). 

The Government has committed to halving childhood obesity by 2030. However, with the most recent statistics indicating an increase in obesity in 4-5 year old’s, this target is looking ever more unlikely. Something simply must be done.

Bite Back 2030 will create distinctive content and campaigns to engage young people who will lead the call for change.  On the other hand the campaign will work with a powerful alliance of decision makers across business, government and schools who have the power and influence to deliver that change. 

To launch the campaign Bite Back 2030 today to the masses, the campaign filmed a social experiment that highlights the deliberate tactics used by the food industry to target young people with unhealthy options – make sure you check it out here

Food Active are excited to see how the campaign develops over the next few months and very much look forward to working alongside Bite Back 2030 to help transform our environment to ensure children and young people can grow up healthy.

How you can show your support:

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