New ‘Cooking with Care’ Toolkit launched with Liverpool Carers Centre

New ‘Cooking with Care’ Toolkit launched with Liverpool Carers Centre

We are excited to launch our ‘Cooking with Care’ toolkit, aimed at supporting healthy eating and cooking in unpaid older carers, in partnership with the Liverpool Carers Centre.

Launching on Malnutrition Awareness Week, the Cooking with Care toolkit provides simple information on how to eat healthy in later life whilst managing the role of a carer and useful tips and advice on cooking and food skills. The toolkit also provides some useful information on looking out for symptoms of malnutrition and how a range of barriers (i.e.medical, emotional, physical) can affect our appetite and the food we eat as we age.

This toolkit is aimed at older adults (defined as 65 years and older) in an unpaid caring role for another member of their household. However, it may also be of interest to any older adult looking improve their diet and skills in the kitchen, or anyone who cares for an older adult.

The toolkit has been written by Public Health Nutritionists at Food Active (a healthy weight programme delivered by charity Health Equalities Group), as part of the ‘Cooking and Company’ project delivered in partnership with the Liverpool Carers Centre (part of Local Solutions) in 2019-20, which was kindly funded by BUPA UK Foundation.

Food Active and Local Solutions have also recently been successful in a funding bid to deliver a similar course virtually – so keep your eyes peeled for updates on this.

To access the toolkit, click the button below.


To find out more about the Cooking with Care project, click on the button below.

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