New Cost of Living and Healthy Weight resources published

New Cost of Living and Healthy Weight resources published

As part of the #FoodActive2022 conference, we have launched a range of resources to explore the implications on the cost of living crisis on healthy weight and inequalities. 

Cost-of-living crisis and healthy weight briefing paper

This paper provides an overview of the latest evidence relating to the current economic crisis and implications on healthy weight, summary of the national policy context and responses and ends with a series of recommendations for national and local government.


Healthy Weight Declaration cost-of-living briefing:

This briefing aims to discuss the importance and relevance of the Healthy Weight Declaration during the current cost of living crisis and how the declaration can help to drive down inequalities. To find out more about the Healthy Weight Declaration, visit this link.


Health disparities and healthy weight position statement:

This position statement provides a rapid review of the evidence on health disparities and healthy weight, policy context and outlines our position and what we can do to support this important agenda.

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