New government takes office in the UK: Food Active response

by Beth Bradshaw | 8 July, 2024 10:00 am

A new government has taken office, following the 2024 general election on the 4th July, with the Labour Party now succeeding the Conservative Party at Number 10 Downing Street. 

Nicola Calder, Food Active Programme Lead, Health Equalities Group responded:

“As we receive a new incoming government following the recent general election, we were pleased to see many of the commitments within the labour party manifesto align to policies we have been campaigning on for over a decade.

This includes introducing the long-awaited legislation to restrict advertising of less healthy food and drink on TV and online, and a sales restriction on energy drinks to children. These are important policies that will protect children’s health and take less healthy food and drink out of the spotlight. We look forward to finding out more about the next steps for such legislation and working with relevant ministers going forward.”


You can read our recap of what was included in the Labour party’s manifesto here[1].

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