New Healthy Weight Declaration Impact and Influence Report

New Healthy Weight Declaration Impact and Influence Report

The 2nd edition of the Healthy Weight Declaration (HWD) Impact and Influence Report is now available, published today at the virtual HWD Annual Learning Event.

The report builds on the first edition published in 2019, and attempts to highlight how the HWD can support local authorities build healthier environments which benefit their communities.

The HWD, launched in 2015, has now been adopted by over 30 councils across England and presents an opportunity for local authorities to lead local action and demonstrate good practice in adopting a systems approach to healthy weight.

Nine case studies were received for inclusion in this report, and they have been presented in alphabetical order as below:

Blackpool Council, who were the first local authority to adopt the HWD in 2016, share details about how they went about refreshing the HWD in 2022 and current priorities, including engaging with local food and drink businesses through the Healthier Choices Award scheme.

Bristol City Council, who share examples of the council’s work to promote healthy weight, themed under the following areas: system leadership, healthy weight promoting environments and policies and commercial interventions.

Lancashire County Council, who share how they went about relaunching the HWD in 2022, and how the council is using the learning from the Healthier Place, Healthier Future Trailblazer Programme to work more closely with their elected members and district councils to promote healthier weight across the county.

Leeds City Council, who share details about how the HWD aligns with other key strategies and priorities within the council including Leeds Transport Strategy and Local Plan, and highlights some of the key successes against commitments.

Leicester City Council, who share details about how the HWD sits as part of the localised action plan which supports the implementation of a whole systems approach to healthy weight

North Tyneside Council, who share details about how they took a place-based approach to adopting the HWD, by jointly adopting with Northumberland County Council and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in 2022.

Sefton Council, who share details about their action against HWD commitments, themed under the three subgroups that have been set up including Start Well, Live Well and Age Well.

Southampton City Council, who share details about to restrict new hot food takeaways within a 400m buffer zone around schools and having measures in place to mitigate against over-concentration of such units.

Sunderland City Council, who were the first local authority to adopt in the North East and post-pandemic, share details about how they progressed the HWD despite in the midst of a pandemic, hosting a virtual launch event and key successes since adopting, including a new Food and Nutrition Charter Mark for schools.

Read the report here

This is the second edition of the HWD Impact and Influence report, with the first edition being published in 2019. There is still much learning to take from the first report, however this latest edition will account for the many different opportunities and challenges councils are now facing post-pandemic and in the midst of the cost-of-living crisis, as well as the review and update to the HWD made in 2020.

We will continue publishing these reports in the future as a means of sharing good practice illustrating local action to promote healthy weight. In addition to this report, guest blogs are regularly published to share council’s experiences, and these are available to view on the Food Active website:

Thank you to all colleagues who have contributed to this report. If you have any questions about the HWD, please get in touch with the team at:

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