Podcast: Is enough being done to reduce the amount of sugar in the out of home food and drink sector?

by Chloe Higham-Smith | 14 November, 2023 3:30 pm

The Food Active podcast aims to explore how we can collectively promote healthy weight, by looking at the social, environmental, economic and legislative factors which influence our lifestyle choices.

The latest episode of the Food Active podcast is now live! In this episode, we spoke with Zoe Davies, Nutritionist at Action on Sugar, and Hattie Burt, Senior Policy and International Projects Officer at Action on Sugar, about this year’s Sugar Awareness Week, which is focusing on the importance of reducing sugar in the out of home food and drink sector and what can be done to achieve this.

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Source URL: https://foodactive.org.uk/podcast-is-enough-being-done-to-reduce-the-amount-of-sugar-in-the-out-of-home-food-and-drink-sector/