Position statement: Active play as a form of physical activity in the early years

Position statement: Active play as a form of physical activity in the early years

We have published our latest position statement, which explores the role of active play in promoting physical activity in the early years.

Our position statements aim to frame the issue, provide a brief review of the evidence, review the policy context and our position and what we will do. Follow the button below to view and download our latest statement.

We have a number of position statements available to view and download, including:

  • Online food delivery companies
  • Health disparities and healthy weight
  • Healthy start
  • Local powers to promote healthier weight
  • Sustainable diets
  • Price and placement promotions
  • School packed lunches
  • Children living in food poverty
  • The benefits of drinking water
  • Outdoor advertising of less healthy food and drink
  • Takeaways and healthy weight
  • Active travel and healthy weight
  • Healthier vending
  • Energy drinks
  • Health harms of high street giveaways
  • Food as a safeguarding issue
  • Healthy weight in the early years
  • Healthy weight in pregnancy
  • Healthy weight in preconception
  • Healthy weight and Covid-19
  • Weight stigma
  • Sugar sweetened beverages
  • Junk food marketing to children
  • Childhood obesity

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