Position Statement: Online food delivery companies

by Chloe Higham-Smith | 26 April, 2023 10:08 am

We have published our latest position statement, which explores the rise in use of online food delivery companies and how they may be affecting public health.

Our position statements aim to frame the issue, provide a brief review of the evidence, initiatives or regulations currently in place to tackle the issue and our position/action on the matter. Follow the button below to view and download our latest statement.

Read Position Statement: Online food delivery companies here.[1]

With thanks to Sara Walsh, LJMU student, for her support.

We have a number of position statements available to view and download, including:

You can access these at the following link: https://foodactive.org.uk/category/position-statement/[2]

  1. Read Position Statement: Online food delivery companies here.: https://foodactive.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Position-Statement-Online-Food-Delivery-Companies-final-chs.pdf
  2. https://foodactive.org.uk/category/position-statement/: https://foodactive.org.uk/category/position-statement/

Source URL: https://foodactive.org.uk/position-statement-online-food-delivery-companies/