Statement: Food Active response to new weight management services funding

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Statement: Food Active response to new weight management services funding

Today, marking this year’s World Obesity Day, the Government have announced new specialised support to help those living with obesity to lose weight through £100 million of new support, as part of the National Obesity Strategy published in July 2020. Read our response to the announcement below. 

Nicola Calder, Food Active Programme Lead said:

“We welcome today’s announcement on increased funding to support children, young people and families living with obesity. We are also pleased to see this funding being targeted to those who most need it, including deprived communities – this will go some way to address the stark inequalities in health seen across some of our most deprived towns and cities.

With 2/3 of adults living with overweight & obesity, providing effective and targeted support is an important aspect of addressing the prevalence within the UK.

As we know obesity is complex and requires a multi-factorial approach; it cannot be addressed solely by the ‘eat well move more’ mantra the Government have continued to push. Despite enlisting the help of entrepreneur Sir Keith Mills, to pilot a scheme which incentivises individuals to make healthier choices, such incentives will prove ineffective useless we address the wider determinants of health that influence overweight and obesity.”

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