The Food Active Network

The North West Network
The North West Network is a group of local authorities who support the Food Active programme on an annual basis, and includes organisations which support public health delivery and those with aligned priorities including NHS Trusts and CCGs.
Beyond the North West
We also support a number of local authorities in Yorkshire and Humber and South West as part of a regional commission to adopt the Local Government Declaration on Healthy Weight, funded by the Association for Directors of Public Health Yorkshire and Humber and the regional Public Health England South West department. More recently, we are working to support a group of local authorities in the North East to adopt the Declaration.
External partners
We collaborate with a range of partners in order to fulfil our core programme aims and share best practice. We are also members of several different working groups and alliances which helps to align our policy calls and create a stronger, collective voice with others working to promote healthy weight.
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