Campaigns and Interventions

We deliver interventions and campaigns to promote healthier weight, including balanced diet and physically active lifestyles, to populations who suffer the greatest level of health inequalities.
We run a wide range of campaigns that range from reducing the consumption of sugary drinks to raising the importance of food and nutrition for children in care. Our campaigns are developed by a task and finish group, consisting of experts and specialists in the field and have been recognised nationally.
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Our hard-hitting advocacy campaign seeks to raise awareness of the health harms of consuming too many sugary drinks, and promote the benefits of drinking water.

Our early years campaign which promotes healthy drink choices in the 0-5s, to help reduce the risk of dental decay and weight gain.

Our campaign which aims to raise the importance and role of food and nutrition in children in care.

A healthy eating and social inclusion course for older male carers.

We are the delivery partner for the Pennine Lancashire Childhood Obesity Trailblazer Programme, commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care and managed by the Local Government Association.


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