Great Big Junk Food Debate

The Great Big Junk Food Debate represents the social movement lever of the Healthier Place, Healthier Future Trailblazer Programme.
Food Active is the delivery partner for the Healthier Place Healthier Future Programme, which covers the whole of Pennine Lancashire, and is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care as part of the Childhood Obesity Plan: Chapter 2.
The Great Big Junk Food Debate is one of four local levers being tested as part of the Healthier Place, Healthier Future programme to address childhood obesity. This project supports and runs alongside work to harness the power of system leaders, test opportunities within the planning system and engage with local food businesses.
Inspiring future generations, enacting change

The aim of the Great Big Junk Food Debate is to utilise and support community action and engagement to improve the food environment in Pennine Lancashire and beyond, giving residents a voice and opportunity to support change. The community-led campaign will include a broad range of interventions, campaigns and action and will be used as an umbrella to encompass all of the fantastic existing work currently going on across Pennine Lancashire, but also new areas of work borne out of the trailblazer.

Developing open resources

Children and young people along with parents and carers have been identified as a key driver of this movement, and their voices and opinions will be harnessed to shape and drive the campaign forward.

Check out resources are available as part of the Great Big Junk Food Debate and all the latest news and updates from the campaign below.

How can I get involved?

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