Influence Policy

We work to influence policy to address unhealthy weight at a local and national level.
At a local level, we work with over 30 local authorities across England to support them to exercise their responsibility in promoting healthy weight. Nationally, we lobby the Government to introduce further policy measures to help make the ‘healthy choice, the easy choice’ through consultations and inquiries. Our membership of key organisations such as the Obesity Health Alliance and the Children’s Food Campaign helps us to achieve this.
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What are we calling for?

Through consultation with the Food Active network, we have agreed to frame our lobbying and advocacy work around the areas below.

Healthy weight in all policies and support measures to tackle obesity at local, regional and national levels

Greater and more effective local powers to influence healthy weight, including sustainable funding; a closing of the health inequality gap amongst our most disadvantaged communities through the targeting of services, funding and support

The use and expansion of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy to sugar sweetened milk and fruit juice drinks, to help change consumption behaviour of sugar-sweetened beverages

Tap water to be the default across the home environment, schools and out of home

The protection of children from the advertising and marketing of less healthy food and drink everywhere – this will cover TV, online, sports, outdoors and also marketing in supermarkets

Early years support and interventions to increase rates of breastfeeding, improve weaning practices to give children the best start

Support for those living in food insecurity/poverty to access and afford a healthier diet

Strategies to improve the out of home food environment, such as planning restrictions on takeaway density and nutritional labelling in restaurants and cafés

Measures to increase physical activity through active travel, specifically walking and cycling, and improved spatial planning measures e.g. 20mph zones.

Physical activity promoting settings, particularly workplaces and schools.


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