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Face to Face Training Programme
Food in Care offers an innovative and practical training developed to upskill carers of children and young people in care – addressing nutrition and food behaviour issues. The training provides a detailed insight into the needs of Children in Care, with practical tools and ideas that carers (foster, kinship, residential) and other professionals (social workers, LAC nurses, managers) can use in everyday situations when providing child care.

Food in Care training programme is composed of two workshops: Nutrition and Health and Food for Thought.

  • Nutrition and Health: In the first workshop participants acquire practical knowledge about a healthy and balanced diet, how to overcome the barriers to healthy eating and how food impacts on health, behaviour and prevention of diseases.
  • Food for Thought: The second workshop explores food beyond nutrition, including the symbolic use of food and its direct impact on behaviour and the communication of feelings.

Every foster carer should do this course. Very informative and practical.
Foster carer

The training programme can be delivered through two different mechanisms:

  • Train the trainer: Cost-effective method of training, building sustainable and flexible capacity within your organisations. The target audience includes practice-based staff responsible for the development of staff and carers
  • Direct training: This training option directly educates carers through interactive learning and discussion, thereby providing the opportunity to share experiences and learn from other participants.

The training meets the training, support and development standards as outlined in The Fostering Services (England) Regulations (2012). The Nutrition & Health workshop is also a fully accredited Level 3 course certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN).

Online Training
Food Active and AC Education have worked in collaboration to co-produce an online training module for foster/connected carers, adopters and residential children’s home staff, to both support them and encourage children in their care to eat well and develop a healthy relationship with food.
About the online training

The content has been developed by registered nutritionists with the support of experienced foster carers and social care staff, giving users of the training a comprehensive understanding of practical strategies that carers can utilise when providing therapeutic care.

This online course is a condensed version of the full two-day Food in Care training course, providing an introduction to the food, nutrition and associated behaviours for children in care.

To find out more about the training course and enquire about booking, please follow the button below.

Additional resources

The ‘Care for something to eat?’ toolkit provides information and guidance on nutrition, healthy weight, special diets, food behaviour and active life for children in care.

The toolkit aims to provide carers with a tool to support them in a range of food behaviour challenges that they may face with children in their care; to support them in providing a healthy environment, and to contribute to better health outcomes for children in care.

If you would like to access a copy of the toolkit, please email


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