Why Weight to Talk: Free Training Opportunity for VCFSE Organisations in Cheshire & Merseyside

Why Weight to Talk: Free Training Opportunity for VCFSE Organisations in Cheshire & Merseyside

A new opportunity for VCFSE organisations across Cheshire & Merseyside to access training on the complexities associated with weight and health will be available as a 1-hour course in the last two weeks of July (see dates below). The Why Weight to Talk training programme has already been delivered to over 500 frontline staff from local authorities in Cheshire and Merseyside, and this will now be made available to anyone from VCFSE organisations to help strengthen knowledge and skills. The training will be delivered online by staff from the Food Active programme and will be of particular interest to organisations involved in delivery of the Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme.

 What is the “Why weight to talk” training?

Many people believe that if we exercise a little more and eat a little less, then we can easily maintain a healthier weight. So why do we now find ourselves in a situation where 2 in 3 adults and 2 in 5 children at Year 6 are living with overweight and obesity?

Where we live, what we do for work, our education, and the relationships we have are increasingly recognised as important factors in our overall health and wellbeing. And when it comes to weight, the takeaways on our high streets, junk food marketing, the price of fruit and vegetables and the cost of cooking from scratch all shape our choices and decisions when it comes to food and nutrition. All these things make it harder for parents and caregivers to provide for their children and where they can’t provide a healthier diet, they risk being judged.

“Why weight to talk?” is designed to help practitioners consider the broad range of factors – often outside of the control of an individual – that contribute to our health and wellbeing. The training also explores how weight stigma, both intentional and unintentional, can make it harder to maintain healthier behaviours and how as practitioners we can play a role in supporting children and families.

The training is 1 hour long and is delivered via MS Teams. It will explore:
  • The causes of overweight and obesity, and how where we live, what we do for work, and our level of education can impact our health and wellbeing.
  • Weight stigma as an adverse experience that children and young people can suffer and how this can make it harder to make healthier choices.
  • The importance of framing conversations to best support people’s needs and circumstances.

Delivery dates & Registration

Please register your interest to attend the following sessions:

Monday 15th July, 14.00-15.00:              Register here
 Tuesday 16th July, 11.00-12.00:             Register here
 Friday 19th July, 11.00-12.00:                 Register here
 Monday 22nd July, 14.00-15.00:            Register here
Tuesday 23rd July, 15.00-16.00:             Register here
 Thursday 25th July, 15.00-16.00:          Register here

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